Busbridge junior School years 5 & 6 Autumn 21

After School club - Busbridge Juniors Autumn 21

Edison robotics: In this part of the course the children will learn how to program a simple robot so that it interacts with the environment around it. They will get it to follow a track, set up sumo battles and program interaction with sound and light.

micro:bit: You can use the micro:bit for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments – the possibilities are endless. We will use the micro:bit’s features such as its 25 LED lights, its accelerometer and Bluetooth connection to create computer controlled devices.

Are you ready for a new challenge? Join up and take your first steps into coding.

Busbridge Juniors years 5 & 6 Autumn 21

After school club for Busbridge Junior School.

Date(s) Every Tuesday from 14/09/2021
12 week course finishing on 7 December
Not running on 26/10/21
Time 16:30 - 16:30
Venue Busbridge Junior School
Age Years5 & 6
Price £84
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Busbridge junior School years 5 & 6 Autumn 21Busbridge junior School years 5 & 6 Autumn 21

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