Godalming Junior School Autumn 21

After School club - Godalming Juniors Autumn 21

Kodu video game design and programming: In this new course for the children will work individually to design and program their own video game using a piece of software called Kodu. They will be taught Kodu’s When + Do programming logic and will make a number of games that they can install and play on a PC at home. In this course the children will use and Xbox controller (which we supply) to both make and play their games.

Our course will run on Thursdays staring on 16th September. There will be 11 lessons, with a week off for half term and another in November for a planned parent consultation evening.

Are you ready for a new challenge? Join up and take your first steps into coding.

Godalming Junior Autumn 21

After school club for Godalming Junior School.

Date(s) Every Thursday from 16/09/2021
11 week course finishing on 9 December
Not running on 26/10/21
Time 15:05 - 16:05
Venue Godalming Junior School
Hallam Road
Age Years 3 to 6
Price £77
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Godalming Junior School Autumn 21Godalming Junior School Autumn 21

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