Online - Minecraft coding club

Online live Coding in Minecraft club

Coding in Minecraft

This club runs for six weeks and is designed for children aged 7+. Learn how to code using Minecraft as your environment. In the first few minutes you will be spawning chickens from above your player and will move on to more interesting and complicated activities including the automation of some repetitive tasks. We will be doing block based coding similar to Scratch so if you are comfortable with Scratch you will be fine with this.

To participate in the course you will need a Windows computer, an internet connection and a copy of Minecraft for Windows. This is the only version on Minecraft that is compatible with the coding system that we are using and costs £22.49.

The club will be run using video conferenceing software and will be taught live so interaction between the students and teacher will be encouraged to ensure that everyone understands what they are doing.

Are you ready for a new challenge? Join up and take your first steps into coding.

Online - Minecraft coding club

Thursday afternoon from 4.15 till 5.15pm for 6 weeks.

Date(s) Every Thursday from 17/09/2020
6 week course finishing on 22nd October
Time 16:15 - 17:15
Age Ages 7 to 10
Price £42 (purchase of Minecraft for Windows also required)
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Online - Minecraft coding club

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